Bond Brothers team with the BrewMonitor X-1 device on one of their fermemtation tanks.

The brewing team at Bond Brothers Beer Company in Cary, NC leverages real-time, comprehensive fermentation monitoring to save time, solve problems and improve beer consistency. Read our case study to learn how the BrewMonitor System helps Bond Brothers improve their brewing operations, and how it has impacted their business.

“When I first learned about the system, I was excited about the measurements, but I did not know how excited I would be about being able to check my fermentations online, anytime, and from any location. If I think something’s gone wrong, BrewMonitor saves me the emotional stress of worrying about it at home. Instead of going in, I can just look it up!”
- Whit Baker, BrewMaster, Bond Brothers Beer Company

Using BrewMonitor, Whit and his team have solved fermentation problems, improved consistency and increased efficiency:

  • Remote monitoring of Bond Brothers' fermentation tanks saves time & effort
  • Real-time data streamlines troubleshooting of problem fermentations and helps prevent future issues
  • Detailed fermentation data facilitates highly efficient quality control that requires fewer man-hours and enables better results
  • Real-time visibility highlights problems much sooner, saving significant tank-time and cost

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