City Built Brewing CompanyCity Built Brewing CompanyThe brewing team at City Built Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan enjoys creating flavors that excite customers. “Go big or go home, is our attitude,” said Rob Qualls, head brewer. Read our case study to learn how the BrewMonitor System helps City Built Brewing Company improve their brewing operations and make every beer count.

“Detecting problems earlier with BrewMonitor can save us up to a couple of days in tank time. And this is really important to us because every day and hour matters.”
– Rob Qualls, Head Brewer, City Built Brewing Company

City Built Brewing CompanyBrewMonitor helps support City Built’s mission by streamlining beer quality control, reducing risks, and saving effort:

  • BrewMonitor has simplified management of difficult fermentations
  • BrewMonitor’s graphs alert them to stalls much earlier than possible through manual sampling
  • Real-time fermentation monitoring helps avoid failed beers, potentially saving over $13,000 dollars in lost cost and revenue per batch
  • Real-time visibility can help save up to 2 days of tank time for cer- tain beers, increasing production capacity and saving cost

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