Froth TechnologiesAs proclaimed on their website, Froth Technologies is “passionate about all things fermentation,” and this is reflected in their success as New Zealand’s first and
only domestic yeast provider.

Despite being less than 18 months into full operations, the Froth Technologies team has leveraged both their passion for helping New Zealand’s brewers and their “custom designed propagation process,” to quickly become a mainstay yeast supplier to the country’s growing craft beer scene. 

Read our case study to learn how this trailblazing team leverages real-time fermentation monitoring to power their streamlined operational model, allowing them to ensure rapid service, extremely fresh and healthy yeast, and an appealing choice of strains for the New Zealand brewing community.

“I can’t remember what life was like before BrewMonitor!” – Ryan Carville, Co-Founder/Left Brain, Froth Technologies

Froth TechnologiesBrewMonitor helps support Froth Technologies’ production and business goals mission through continuous, remote insight into the fermentation process:

  • BrewMonitor provides critical visibility into fermentation tanks, enabling accurate timing for each stage of yeast propagation
  • Efficiencies from real-time fermentation monitoring increase yield from each batch up to 15% (NZ$30,000 per year) as well as saving 5-6 hours per week in labor
  • BrewMonitor increases confidence and provides clear records of yeast quality for customer service and disputes, as well as supporting the company’s brand message as a leading-edge yeast producer
  • BrewMonitor reduces commutes to the production facility each week, significantly lowering carbon footprint and improving work-life balance

“It’s all about consistent ingredients and consistent process. With BrewMonitor we are able to make sure that the fermentations are following the same curves and we’re hitting the same amount of dissolved oxygen at the time of pitching yeast each time. So, just knowing that each fermentation profile is as expected and working to these sort of metrics means that our customers are getting a more consistent product, batch to batch. That means our customers can then produce more consistent beer, batch to batch.” – Ryan Carville

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