Trophy Brewing Co. The brewing team at Trophy Brewing Co. in Raleigh, NC leverages real-time, comprehensive fermentation monitoring to gain insight, save time and improve beer consistency. Read our case study to learn how the BrewMonitor System helps Trophy Brewing Company improve their brewing operations, and how it has impacted their business.

“Being able to watch fermentation data in real-time, as it comes out, has allowed us to dial in exactly how long we should expect for a tank to come up to a temperature that allows diacetyl rest, while simultaneously watching gravity and pH changes. We then match those with sensory analysis VDKs, to determine when we can crash. Understanding these general timelines is all important, because it gives us targets for how tight we can make those windows, and this ultimately can shorten the amount of me we keep our lagers in the tank. So, BrewMonitor has really helped us out, because we feel confident shaving a couple of days off of some of those fermentation windows. And tank time is money.”
- Les Stewart, CBO, Trophy Brewing Co.

BrewMonitor Installation at Trophy Brewing Co.Using BrewMonitor, Les and his team have solved fermentation problems, improved consistency and increased efficiency:

  • Remote monitoring of Trophy Brewing's fermentation tanks saves time & effort
  • Real-time data streamlines troubleshooting of problem fermentations and helps prevent future issues
  • Detailed fermentation data facilitates highly efficient quality control that requires fewer man-hours and enables better results
  • Real-time visibility highlights problems much sooner, saving significant tank-time and cost, and simplifies new brand R&D

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