BrewMonitor: Next-Generation Fermentation Management

BrewMonitor X-1 devices in the wild, sampling fermentations and transmitting data

The Precision Fermentation team is proud to announce that after months of tireless work by our fermentation scientists, engineers, software developers and valued Early Adopter Program partners, BrewMonitor is now shipping and ready to be ordered. We currently have a series of active installations running in the southeastern US – providing craft brewers with next-generation fermentation management through continual sampling and real-time monitoring – with many more scheduled around the country.

Here’s what our users are saying:

“It’s exciting how BrewMonitor gives us the ability to really dial in our fermentation trajectory, which informs us about how we can make our beer better the next time around. We’re now able to build specific profiles for different brands, and BrewMonitor’s ease of use is remarkable! It allows us to produce better, more consistent product, and gives us more confidence about what we’re putting out on the shelf.”
– Les Stewart, CBO, Trophy Brewing Co.

“I’m in DC but thanks to @precisionfermentation I know the next batch of local in NC is almost done!”
– Whit Baker, Brewmaster, Bond Brothers Beer Company (via Instagram)

BrewMonitor Console: Next-Gen Fermentation Management

BrewMonitor Console: Next-Gen Fermentation Management

It’s been an amazing ride so far. Everywhere we go, there has been intense interest in how real-time fermentation monitoring can help improve product consistency, reproducibility, efficiency and profitability. This launch marks the beginning of a new chapter for our team, and we invite YOU to join us in expanding the horizons of craft beer production:

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