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Press Release: Precision Fermentation Names Joe Procopio Chief Operating Officer

By Precision Fermentation | July 8, 2020

Today, Precision Fermentation announced the appointment of Joe Procopio as Chief Operating Officer. He was most recently Chief Product Officer for on-demand vehicle care and maintenance company, Spiffy, where his…

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Master Brewers Webinar

Available On Demand: Precision Fermentation’s Master Brewers Webinar

By Precision Fermentation | May 22, 2020

**UPDATE – This webinar is available on-demand – MBAA members only. Watch now » ** Save the date! We’re excited to announce that Precision Fermentation will be presenting a special…

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Yeast Harvesting Tips and Tricks

Yeast Harvesting: Best (& Worst) Practices and How to Know When It’s Time to Pitch Fresh Yeast

By Tara Nurin | May 6, 2020

Brewers commonly repitch yeast to ferment batch after batch to save money and coax out the complex flavors and higher flocculation rates that Saccharomyces yeast can develop over multiple generations,…

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Maximize Brewery Potential

5 Ways to Maximize Your Brewery’s Potential During Coronavirus

By Tara Nurin | April 7, 2020

Now that most states are mandating social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it can be extremely difficult to know how to adjust production schedules to match…

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Online Beer Brewing Education

Beer Brewing Education Video: Yeast Vitality and Fermentation Reproducibility

By Precision Fermentation | April 1, 2020

With social distancing and sheltering in place comes extra time to catch up on beer brewing education. So, in this spirit, we offer last fall’s informative presentation by Precision Fermentation’s…

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COVID-19 Coronavirus

Brewers Association COVID-19 SBA Loan Q&A and SBA Loan Assistance Application Link

By Precision Fermentation | March 30, 2020

The Brewers Association has published an excellent resource to help breweries navigate how the new CARES Act can help businesses through loans and subsidies. Here is the introduction, excerpted: Congress…

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Fermentatio Monitor

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Safety and Well-Being

By Precision Fermentation | March 25, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our industry. Like you, we are watching the pandemic situation closely, and we are taking every proactive step necessary for Precision Fermentation to continue operating…

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Fermentation Monitoring Tool

Natural Beer Carbonation Through Spunding Can Save Your Brewery Time and Money

By Tara Nurin | February 27, 2020

By using a simple spunding valve, you can naturally carbonate your lagers and ales without worrying about building dangerously high pressure. In order to either speed up production, maintain a…

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New England Craft Brew Summit

New England Craft Brew Summit: See You in Portland!

By Precision Fermentation | February 18, 2020

Precision Fermentation will be an exhibitor at the New England Craft Brew Summit in Portland, February 28, 2020. Our team will be demonstrating the BrewMonitor System in the exhibition hall…

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Michigan Craft Brewers

Michigan Craft Brewers Guild Winter Conference: See You in Kalamazoo!

By Precision Fermentation | December 20, 2019

Precision Fermentation will be an exhibitor at the Michigan Craft Brewers Guild Annual Winter Conference & Allied Member Trade Show in Kalamazoo, January 8-10, 2020. Our team will be demonstrating…

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