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Precision Fermentation Expands BrewMonitor® Pilot Program Nationwide

Demand for Real-Time, Comprehensive Fermentation Monitoring Drives New Installations in Craft Breweries Across the US

Durham, North Carolina – April 9, 2019 
– Precision Fermentation, a leading biochemistry technology solutions provider, announced today the successful growth of the pilot program for their flagship BrewMonitor system into a total of seven states across the US. The program offers craft brewers the chance to try data-driven fermentation for up to 60 days free of charge, providing a robust trial for successive fermentations and multiple beer styles. The program has also generated invaluable feedback regarding the efficacy and value of the company’s Internet of Things (IoT)-driven fermentation monitoring solution. New installations in many additional states are planned for Q2 2019.

“When craft brewers learn that they can now track dissolved oxygen, pH, gravity, pressure, and temperature from any web-connected phone, tablet, or PC, they become very interested to try BrewMonitor for themselves,” said Jared Resnick, CEO of Precision Fermentation. “Beyond interest in how our technology works, most are excited to monitor, for the first time, exactly how their fermentation decisions are affecting the final product. Continuous sampling and real-time data visibility expands creative and operational possibilities for a brewing team, including much greater control of quality and consistency and dramatic improvements in day-to-day efficiency.”

Leveraging existing fermentation tanks, BrewMonitor offers brewpubs, microbreweries, and regional craft brewers unprecedented visibility into the fermentation process. Real-time monitoring automatically alerts team members about problems the moment they occur, and recorded data streamed from successive fermentations enables direct comparisons that help ensure consistency for flagship beers, seasonals, and any other beers that need to be repeated.

The pilot program was originally rolled out in the southeastern US, but since its launch in November 2018, the company has received regular inquiries from brewers throughout North America. Requests are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis from anywhere in the continental US. For more information and to join the BrewMonitor Pilot Program, visit

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Precision Fermentation offers a groundbreaking, real-time monitoring solution that dramatically enhances control over the fermentation process for producing brewed beverages. Its flagship product, the BrewMonitor System, continuously live-streams data from an active beer fermentation, offering complete fermentation process visibility and control that entirely replaces trial-and-error measurements and enables excellent product and business outcomes. Learn more at

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