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Yeast Vitality and Fermentation Reproducibility

FREE Educational Video –
Yeast Vitality and Fermentation Reproducibility
Presented by Steven Haase, PhD
Departments of Biology and Medicine, Duke University
Precision Fermentation Scientific Advisory Board

Yeast Vitality and Fermentation ReproducibilityFermentation is an industrial process largely driven by a living organism, the budding yeast. Basic research on yeast cell biology originated in the brewing industry, but over the years diverged into brewing science (e.g. yeast vitality and yeast viability) and basic medical research. Advances in molecular biology and genomics has made budding yeast one of the best-studied organisms in the biomedical sciences.

In this video, you will learn about relevant findings from basic biomedical research that have implications for understanding and controlling the fermentation process – including:

  1. Fundamentals of yeast cell growth and division
  2. The important difference between cell viability and cell vitality
  3. Yeast cell dynamics during fermentation
  4. Genetics vs. epigenetics, and myths about mutations
  5. The budding yeast stress response and the impact of fermentation on yeast cell vitality

(Originally presented at the Mid Atlantic Brewers Symposium, September 2019.)

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