Actionable Fermentation Insights for Brewing Beer

The BrewIQ platform brings a data-driven approach to fermentation, launching brewing into the 21st century.

Evolving Fermentation

The BrewIQ platform is the only total fermentation management solution for breweries. It is a combination of hardware and software that integrates with your tanks to streamline the entire fermentation process.


One Platform, Three Solutions

Impact Process

Experience greater visibility into the progress of your beer to ensure more efficient operations and successful fermentations.

Improve Product

The aggregated insights from BrewIQ help make flavor profiles replicable to bring consistent quality to every batch.

Increase Profit

Knowing the timeline of your tank maximizes the number of successful fermentations that can occur, increasing output and maximizing revenue.

Schedule and plan accordingly to keep product moving and operations efficient with BrewIQ.

BrewIQ for the Whole Brewery

BrewIQ provides data on the pH, dissolved oxygen, gravity, conductivity, pressure, and temperature of your beer—giving brewers transparency at every step of the fermentation process to make better-informed decisions.


The real-time data from BrewIQ aids real-time decisions, and if any complications arise during fermentation, adjustments can be made accordingly.

Bring in reliable revenue and maintain high customer satisfaction by keeping flavor profiles on brand and fermentations on track.


Complete Control at Every Step

Intelligent Analysis

BrewIQ is far more than automatic sampling. Its aggregated insights on pH, dissolved oxygen, gravity, conductivity, pressure, and temperature give brewers better visibility into the progress of their beer.

Real-Time Intervention

These actionable insights reduce fermentation complications by allowing brewers to course-correct when a beer is off track.

Waste Elimination

This means less time and fewer resources will be spent trying to fix errors, because BrewIQ takes guesswork out of the equation. Plus, stretching resources further and reducing your brewery’s carbon footprint means more savings.

BrewIQ is Guaranteed

Breweries can see a full return on their investment within 4-6 months after implementing BrewIQ.

Not a believer? Ask us about our money back guarantee!