BrewMonitor: Remote Fermentation Monitoring for
Advanced Quality Control and Brewery Operations


The BrewMonitor® System

Introducing BrewMonitor, the world’s first real-time, comprehensive fermentation monitoring solution.

  • Live-stream fermentation data to your computer, tablet or phone, 24-7-365
  • Automate performance analysis
  • Prevent problems, reduce costs

Critical Measurements

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH
  • Density
  • Pressure
  • Temperature (internal/external)
  • Conductivity

Data That Matters

• View all active fermentations, from multiple locations in a single dashboard

• Receive automatic alerts about problems, via email and text, using user-selected alert thresholds per fermentation

BrewMonitor - Brewery Equipment

...At Your Fingertips

• Get a graphical start-to-finish view of your fermentations from continual sampling

• Replace traditional “snapshot” sampling with exponentially more data: 1,000 data points per day

• Perform yeast vitality checks with a few mouse clicks

• Easily benchmark and compare batches for consistency


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“BrewMonitor saves us monthly labor costs. But just for the peace of mind… I don’t know. What is that worth?”

Abbey Vickers

Quality Assurance Manager, Terrapin Beer Company

“I can’t remember what life was like before BrewMonitor!”

Ryan Carville

Co-Founder/Left Brain, Froth Technologies

“When you start getting maxed on production, one or two days of additional tank time can be a lot. At the end of the year this adds up to an additional full turn in a tank. And that’s a huge deal, really. That’s probably the biggest production bonus that I’ve seen. If BrewMonitor can help me push an extra batch per year from a tank, that’s a thousand gallons of beer, which is about $20,000, wholesale. That’s a big number for us.”

Denver Smyth

Owner/Head Brewer, Western Red Brewing

“Setting the alerts and knowing that we will get notified in real time has freed up several hours a week not having to go to the brewery. It’s a real game changer for us!”  

Shawn Childress

Brewmaster, Cooper and Mill Brewing Company

“Gravities are one of the first things that you do, and if that can be taken care of by a machine, that’s incredible. You can move on to all the other tasks, like a dry hop or brewing or filtering up. BrewMonitor saves time and energy for us to do things that are not exactly more important, but rather, things that can’t be taken care of automatically. It makes the day less stressful.”

Olive Overmoyer

Quality Assurance Technician, Terrapin Beer Company

“We recently got BrewMonitor and it has been a great investment. The ability to have constant data on a fermentation gives us much more confidence in managing our fermentations. Knowing exactly where a fermentation is at means we can be sure that things like dry hopping are done at the right time. Once you have done a beer style a few times you can establish what the ideal fermentation is, and you see very quickly if a fermentation is on track or needs a bit of a push. It can help in scheduling as you can (to a certain extent) use the data as a predictive tool for when a fermentation will be at a certain point.”  

Geoff Edney

QA Manager, Billson's Brewery

“A lot of the nuances of keeping a flagship beer ‘on-brand’ heavily depend on how consistent you can be…. Overall, it’s about hitting the same numbers at the same times. If you do not have real-time fermentation data, then you’re always going to be shooting in the dark.”

Whit Baker

Brewmaster, Bond Brothers Beer Company

“No more Saturday and Sunday gravity readings! BrewMonitor really has saved me a ton of time. Now it’s pretty rare that I run to the brewery on a Saturday or Sunday at all, so that’s my favorite thing.”

Denver Smyth

Owner/Head Brewer, Western Red Brewing

“We have been working with the Precision Fermentation team since March 2021. We have found the team to be top notch. The real time information has been a huge benefit to our fermentation program. Whether you’re a brewery, winery or distillery, information is king. The Precision Fermentation units deliver. You should check it out. There is no reason not to!”  

Sassan Mossanen

Founding Partner, Denali Brewing Company

“The ability to see what’s happening with the fermentation, remotely, 24/7, means less stress on weekends and evenings. As a Quality Assurance Manager, BrewMonitor has been an important addition to our brewery.”  

Geoff Edney

QA Manager, Billson's Brewery

“Having the historical data at my fingertips is priceless even on batches where I am not using BrewMonitor.”  

Shawn Childress

Brewmaster, Cooper and Mill Brewing Company

Unparalleled Fermentation Insight. Amazing Beers.