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Precision Fermentation Named A Top Beverage Tech Solutions Provider For 2023

Food & Beverage Technology Review Award recognizes Precision Fermentation’s BrewIQ platform for its ability to improve brewing efficiency and quality

Durham, North Carolina – April 13, 2023 – 
Precision Fermentation®, a leading provider of technology for the fermentation industry, was selected as a Top Beverage Tech Solution Provider for 2023 by Food & Beverage Technology Review. The selection was based on Precision Fermentation’s continued innovation around its flagship solution, BrewIQ

“From increasing fermentation quality and consistency to reducing waste and expenses, BrewIQ offers reliable and precise results to satisfy both a brewery business and its customers,” said Jared Resnick, CEO of Precision Fermentation. “It speaks to the results and customer value delivered by the BrewIQ solution that Food and Beverage Technology has recognized us with this award.”

BrewIQ is a cloud-connected fermentation monitoring platform that provides brewers with real-time visibility into fermentation progress.  The platform provides event-driven alerts and data that enable process automation and make production more efficient, consistent, and profitable at scale. 

The solution includes three main components:

  • BrewIQ Fermentation Hub - connects to any tank and is the only device to measure seven critical fermentation elements (dissolved oxygen, pH, gravity, fluid and ambient temperature, pressure, and conductivity) simultaneously, in real-time. Fermentation data is stored in the cloud and easily accessed via mobile device or desktop computer. 
  • BrewIQ Dashboard – with new adaptive analytics and benchmarking capabilities, the dashboard gives brewers precise insight into fermentation events and anomalies, for greater control and informed decision making. 
  • BrewIQ SaniStation – a new CIP station that cleans up to four Fermentation Hubs simultaneously. Brewers can manage active cleaning cycles with the click of a button through the BrewIQ Dashboard, where cleaning logs are also stored for FSMA compliance and historical analysis.

Deployed at over 250 breweries around the world, including Denali Brewing, Mother Earth Brewing, and Terrapin, BrewIQ is helping breweries of all sizes improve their process efficiency, improve product quality and consistency, reduce costs, and increase profits. Through these benefits brewers can achieve full return on their investment in four to six months. 

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About Precision Fermentation

Precision Fermentation® offers a groundbreaking, real-time monitoring solution that dramatically enhances control over the fermentation process for producing brewed beverages. Its flagship product, the BrewIQ System (formerly BrewMonitor), continuously aggregates data from active fermentations, offering complete process visibility and control that replaces manual trial-and-error measurements, and enables excellent product and business outcomes. Precision Fermentation’s complimentary ROI calculator helps brewers understand the dollar, labor, environmental and ingredient savings possible when using BrewIQ. For more information about Precision Fermentation, visit