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Precision Fermentation Announces BrewIQ, Next Generation Fermentation Management for Efficient, Consistent, and Profitable Production at Scale

Enhancements and new features bring unmatched insights and automation to fermentation, from data collection for real-time decision-making to data analysis and automated cleaning

Durham, North Carolina – January 17, 2023 –
Precision Fermentation®, a leading provider of technology for the fermentation industry, today announced BrewIQ, the next generation of its fermentation management solution. Harnessing insights and experience from more than 250 breweries and nearly 5,000 fermentations, BrewIQ (formerly known as BrewMonitor) gives brewers real-time visibility into fermentation, process automation with event-driven alerts for quickly addressing problems, and the ability to analyze data for more efficient, consistent and profitable production at scale. 

Brewers today face higher ingredient and labor costs and thinner operating margins,” says Jared Resnick, CEO of Precision Fermentation. “With real-time data and the tools to glean valuable insights, brewers can overcome these challenges and turn out consistent, high-quality products more quickly to improve product quality and consistency, and drive profits. BrewIQ is the result of input from hundreds of breweries of all types and production levels. We’re excited to drive the brewing industry’s evolution forward by solving the biggest problems brewers face today.”

A complete, end-to-end fermentation monitoring system, BrewIQ delivers a return on investment in four to six months. New features and enhancements that shorten fermentation cycles, reduce costs and increase top-line revenue include:

  • BrewIQ Fermentation Hub - connects to any tank and is the only device to measure seven critical fermentation elements simultaneously, in real-time. Fermentation data is stored in the cloud and easily accessed from anywhere, at any time, via a mobile device or desktop computer. In addition to WiFi connectivity, the BrewIQ Fermentation Hub now supports Power over ethernet, eliminating the need for additional power sources. With additional tank adaptations, the BrewIQ Fermentation Hub connects easily to tanks of all sizes and configurations. 
  • BrewIQ Dashboard – with new adaptive analytics and benchmarking capabilities, the dashboard gives brewers precise insight into fermentation events and anomalies as they happen, for greater control and informed decision making. 
  • BrewIQ SaniStation – the BrewIQ SaniStation is a new CIP station that cleans up to four Fermentation Hubs simultaneously. Brewers can manage active cleaning cycles with the click of a button through the BrewIQ Dashboard, where cleaning logs are also stored for FSMA compliance and historical analysis. 

BrewIQ has continually demonstrated value to brewers, with most seeing a complete return on investment in four to six months. “BrewIQ has helped us dramatically improve our output,” said Sassan Mossanen, co-founder and CEO of Denali Brewing Company. “The ability to collect, access and analyze real-time data has incredibly beneficial for our brewery, and the new BrewIQ SaniStation has cut our cleaning and sanitation cycles dramatically, which allows us to work more efficiently and speed up production.”

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About Precision Fermentation
Precision Fermentation® offers a groundbreaking, real-time monitoring solution that dramatically enhances control over the fermentation process for producing brewed beverages. Its flagship product, the BrewIQ System (formerly BrewMonitor), continuously aggregates data from active fermentations, offering complete process visibility and control that replaces manual trial-and-error measurements, and enables excellent product and business outcomes. Precision Fermentation’s complimentary ROI calculator helps brewers understand the dollar, labor, environmental and ingredient savings possible when using BrewIQ. For more information about Precision Fermentation, visit