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Ebook - Water Chemistry for Brewers

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Water Chemistry for Brewers

Key Considerations for Quality and Consistency

Water makes up the highest percentage of the ingredient list for beer, yet water quality is not always a priority consideration for brewers. This ebook is dedicated to all things water–from an introduction to water chemistry to brewing different beer styles to the effects of climate change on your water.

By understanding the way water chemistry impacts the sensory quality of finished beer, and by analyzing fermentation and other data, brewers can control sensory aspects of their brews like never before.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • How alkalinity infuses into natural water sources, how water hardness is an important factor to consider, as well as how to remove disinfectants from brewing water.
  • Classic water profiles and how they affect sensory notes of beers–including famous European beer styles as well as IPAs and stouts that are all the craze in the US.
  • Tools and strategies to employ to combat climate change like higher temperatures and lower water supplies which impact raw water sources in ways that make it critical to focus on greater chemical consistency of your water.