Craft Beer Professionals Facebook GroupComing up next week! Precision Fermentation will be featured in the Craft Beer Professionals Facebook Group's weekly series, "Ask Me Anything" – Tuesday, August 4th at 11am ET – presenting The Connected Brewer: Leveraging Real-Time Fermentation Monitoring to Elevate Product Quality and Operational Efficiency.

Day: Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Time: 11am Eastern Time
Location: Craft Beer Professionals Facebook Group
Cost/Requirements: Free – to request group membership, visit

The fermentation management process that brewers use today has changed little for thousands of years. Successful outcomes are traditionally arduous and very dependent on the expertise and skill of each brewery’s staff. Can it be improved, as a process? In this presentation you will learn:

  • Challenges with the traditional methods of fermentation analysis and management: product control, repeatability, and efficiency
  • What is real-time fermentation monitoring?
  • Key metrics of fermentation: DO, pH, density, pressure, temperature, and conductivity
  • The key benefits of graphical representation of fermentation data
  • Correlating empirical data with a subjective evaluation to maintain quality
  • Additional business benefits associated with real-time monitoring

Dave Frizzell, Science Technician, Precision Fermentation

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