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Precision Fermentation Launches Industry’s Most Comprehensive ROI Calculator

Brewers receive customized insight into the benefits of real-time fermentation monitoring

Durham, North Carolina – September 21, 2022 –
Precision Fermentation®, a leading provider of technology for the fermentation industry, today announced the brewing industry’s first ROI calculator. The Precision Fermentation ROI calculator provides complete visibility into the impact real-time, end-to-end fermentation monitoring and analysis would have on a brewer’s business and the environment.

The ROI calculator allows brewers to enter the number of barrels produced per year and the number of fermentation tanks in place, and based on their unique inputs, see ingredient and labor savings, and environmental impacts, such as water saved and reductions in waste. The calculator makes it easy to discover opportunities to increase tank utilization and potential revenue gains from replacing ad hoc sampling and testing with automated, live-streamed fermentation monitoring. The Precision Fermentation BrewMonitor® System is the only available solution that simultaneously measures seven unique fermentation properties including dissolved oxygen, pH, gravity, pressure, fluid and ambient temperatures and conductivity, making this calculator more comprehensive and capable of quantifying fermentation-process control improvements.

“The ROI calculator gives brewers tangible insights into facets of their business that weren’t possible before, from time, money and energy savings to lowering their carbon footprint,” said Jared Resnick, CEO of Precision Fermentation. “Having a clear understanding of the potential quantifiable return of real-time, end-to-end fermentation monitoring and optimization can help brewers make important and highly impactful business decisions.”

Precision Fermentation’s ROI calculator makes it easy to see results through quantifiable sustainability impacts, revenue opportunities and other efficiencies. Visit to see how you can improve your workflow and more quickly reach production, profitability and sustainability goals.

About Precision Fermentation
Precision Fermentation® offers a groundbreaking, real-time monitoring solution that dramatically enhances control over the fermentation process for producing brewed beverages. Its flagship product, the BrewMonitor® System, continuously live-streams data from an active fermentation, offering complete process visibility and control that replaces manual trial-and-error measurements, and enables excellent product and business outcomes. For more information, visit