At Precision Fermentation we love data, and the turn of the year offers a wonderful time to reflect and analyze information. Here’s a look at 2022 by the numbers.

BrewMonitor Customers are located in:
24 countries and 39 US states and territories

Country with the most BrewMonitor users outside the US: Australia

Top 10 Fermentation Styles of 2022

Top 10 Fermentation Styles of 2022:
American IPA
Hazy IPA
American Pale Ale
German Pils
Munich Helles
Blond Ale
American Stout
Amber Ale
Draft (Cider)
American Wheat Beer

Greatest increase from 2021 by # of fermentations:
Hazy IPA
American IPA
American Pale Ale
German Pils
Munich Helles

Greatest increase from 2021 by %: 
Strong Bitter
Vienna Lager
Cream Ale
Munich Helles
Hazy IPA

Most Popular Fermentation Start Day: Wednesday
Least: Sunday

Most Popular Fermentation End Day: Monday
Least: Saturday

Most Common Yeast Strain Used in Fermentations:
Safale US-05
Runner Up: 
Saflager W-34/70

Average Starting Gravity: 13.24 Plato
Average Ending Gravity: 3.46 Plato

Average Starting DO: 12.5 mg/ml

Hours of fermentation monitored: 675,024 hours

A few highlights of Precision Fermentation or BrewMonitor in the news:

Our customers have also seen success this year. With BrewMonitor:

  • One customer added 5-6 generations to his yeast usage, cutting his annual yeast bill in half. 
  • Another customer used data from BrewMonitor to alter their process, allowing them to double their monthly production volume by saving up to a week in tank time. 
  • A customer received an automated alert when a glycol failure occurred, allowing them to save the batch

We’ve also been working diligently behind the scenes to make updates to our console and monitor based on customer feedback. Check out our recent announcement of BrewIQ, the next generation of our fermentation management system.