Precision Fermentation has announced a major upgrade to its flagship Internet of Things (IoT)-driven fermentation monitoring solution, the BrewMonitor System. This release adds significant new functionality for craft brewing companies whose businesses depend on product consistency, proactive risk management, and high operational efficiency. For these organizations, BrewMonitor System 2.0 offers the ability to simplify fermentation quality control efforts, tighten processes for better labor management, and dramatically improve problem diagnosis and prevention.

“BrewMonitor System 2.0 represents an important milestone for beer fermentation management,” said Jared Resnick, founder and CEO of Precision Fermentation. “BrewMonitor’s initial introduction broke entirely new ground by providing complete, real-time visibility inside a fermentation tank, from anywhere, 24-7. Today’s release introduces tools that transform this flow of new information into a powerhouse of productivity and business value. For the first time ever, with simple mouse clicks or smartphone touches, any brewer can instantly determine when a fermentation is complete, the state of their yeast’s vitality, whether a new fermentation is on the same track as previous batches, and so much more. It is hard to overstate the positive impact of these new capabilities on operational efficiency, product quality, and cost savings.”

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