Craft Beer ProfessionalsComing up next week! Precision Fermentation will be featured in the Craft Beer Professionals Facebook Group's webinar series, Tuesday, August 31st at 11am ET, where we will present a preview of some exciting new BrewMonitor System enhancements.

Title: BrewMonitor Preview Session: Advancing the Automation of Brewery Production Insights
Day: Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Time: 11am Eastern Time
Location: Craft Beer Professionals Facebook Group
Cost/Requirements: Free – to request group membership, visit

Join us as we highlight new BrewMonitor features that put the most relevant fermentation information into brewers’ hands more rapidly than ever and automate the transformation of fermentation data into actionable insights. These updates will be available soon – see how they will dramatically impact QA efficiency, product quality, and your business’ success.

Andy Morrison, Sales Engineer, Precision Fermentation

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