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What’s Old is New: Craft Lager Has Seen a Resurgence

By Precision Fermentation | April 17, 2024

Lagers are a versatile family of styles and can cater to a diverse range of customers and palates. Ranging from light to full-bodied, golden to dark, the craft lager is fast becoming the preferred beer of many consumers.

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Precision Fermentation Booth at CBC

Final Thoughts on CBC 2023

By Precision Fermentation | May 16, 2023

Yet another Craft Brewers Conference has drawn to a close. Music City had its share of adventures-I think we all got caught in the rain at one point-as well as…

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Craft Brewers Conference exhibitor logo

Going to CBC in Nashville? See you there!

By Precision Fermentation | May 4, 2023

It’s May, which means it is time for the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC). BrewExpo America is the largest craft brewing tradeshow in the US, and we’re looking forward to exhibiting…

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Beer ingredients

Small Changes, Big Impact: Reducing and Reusing Ingredients

By Tara Nurin | February 22, 2023

In our new series, Small Changes, Big Impact, we explore the compound effect that minor adjustments can have on boosting sustainability. The first article explores affordable ways for breweries to…

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Precision Fermentation Announces BrewIQ, Next Generation Fermentation Management for Efficient, Consistent, and Profitable Production at Scale

By Precision Fermentation | January 17, 2023

Enhancements and new features bring unmatched insights and automation to fermentation, from data collection for real-time decision-making to data analysis and automated cleaning. Precision Fermentation®, a leading provider of technology…

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2022 In Review

By Precision Fermentation | January 6, 2023

At Precision Fermentation we love data, and the turn of the year offers a wonderful time to reflect and analyze information. Here’s a look at 2022 by the numbers. BrewMonitor…

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hydrometer sampling

New Research Finds Sampling Inaccurate and Imprecise

By Precision Fermentation | November 22, 2022

MBAA Technical Quarterly just released a research report by University of Northern Colorado. The results may come as a shock to the brewing industry, as it reveals there are biases in density measurements, leading to differences in the accuracy and precision of them.

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Acid in Bee Testing

Acid in Beer: The Science and Scientists

By Precision Fermentation | November 17, 2022

In 1909, the head scientist of Carlsberg Research Laboratory, S.P.L. Sørensen introduced the pH scale as an easy way to conceptualize acidity of aqueous solutions. His research, funded privately by Carlsberg Brewery, was part of the efforts to understand the biochemical processes of brewing and fermentation.

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Sustainability in Brewing

The State of Sustainability in Brewing

By Precision Fermentation | September 26, 2022

Learn about the 7 key areas where real-time monitoring provides a substantial advantage over sampling, helping to optimize fermentation.

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Hybrid Beer

Category Controversy: What a Hybrid Beer Is … And Isn’t

By Tara Nurin | August 24, 2022

Understand what a hybrid beer is and why it is different. Dig into the yeast types and fermentation process that makes these beers unique.

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Hands pouring beer

Technology & Fermentation: How to Make Your Brewing More Competitive

By Precision Fermentation | August 14, 2022

Learn about the 7 key areas where real-time monitoring provides a substantial advantage over sampling, helping to optimize fermentation.

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