Yet another Craft Brewers Conference has drawn to a close. Music City had its share of adventures—I think we all got caught in the rain at one point—as well as plenty of insights to the current state of the brewing industry. 

On the tradeshow floor there was a lot of interest in hop varieties. From talks about new strains and how best to use them, hops were hopping. There was also curiosity around CO2, particularly around how to recapture it. Back in the conference sessions, there was emphasis on stabilizing beer sales, contrary to previous years of steady growth. And in the spirit of the “Beyond Beer” theme, there were many discussions on the expanding list of beverage offerings, from non-alcoholic beers to canned wine and cocktails. It’s clear brewers are looking for ways to manage production costs as the market changes.

At the Precision Fermentation booth our conversations followed many of these themes. We heard questions about brewing non-beer products and how data can help with ingredient and process efficiency. (And yes—we have customers who use BrewIQ with cider, mead, and wine production—we’ve been “Beyond Beer” since the beginning!)

During an exciting end to the conference, 8 of our customers won 11 awards at the World Beer Cup. Congratulations to 10 Barrel Brewing Co., Blue Point Brewing Co., Bucketty’s Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, Fort Point Beer, Mother Earth Brew Co, Rhinegeist Brewery and Silver City Brewery!

We can’t wait to see you again next year in Las Vegas. 

If you don’t want to wait to find out about how BrewIQ can help your brewery increase profit, impact process, and improve your product, schedule a demo now. 

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