Precision Fermentation AnnouncementEarlier this week, Precision Fermentation announced the release of the BrewMonitor System, the first real-time, comprehensive fermentation monitoring solution for craft beer production. The announcement coincided with the start of the MBAA and ASBC-sponsored Brewing Summit 2018 Exhibition in San Diego. Here’s an excerpt:


“There has never been a way to unlock the vast amount of information contained in the moment-to-moment interaction of yeast and wort inside the fermentation tank,” said Daniel Kulenic, CEO of Precision Fermentation. “BrewMonitor makes this a reality, and the value of streaming fermentation data to any PC, tablet or smartphone is immense. The benefits range from cost savings via remote monitoring and accurate fermentation completion, to understanding the exact conditions required by each flavor profile, to easily assessing yeast health before major problems arise. It is an operations powerhouse, and we are excited to offer these industry-first capabilities to craft breweries of all sizes.”

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