See BrewMonitor on the Still It PodcastRyan Carville and Simon Cooke from Froth Technologies, a New Zealand liquid yeast culture producer, were excited to receive their BrewMonitor Sensor Hub, so they decided to bring it along to their interview on the popular distilling/fermentation video podcast, Still It.

They stepped through the system in great detail, and we thank them, as well as host Jesse Wilson, for the extended discussion about how BrewMonitor works and how real-time fermentation monitoring can open new horizons for brewers:

“The other beautiful thing about it is that once you’ve done a few batches you can see, through those data points, what the general performance trends are. Like, say you nailed a batch of beer, and you want to replicate it as much as possible. You can see the ideal data points and send alerts for when it falls outside of those…. Having that information gives you so much more power.” – Ryan Carville, Froth Technologies

Click to watch the BrewMonitor discussion, beginning at 18:03 »


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